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15. august 2023

Introducing Axel Rosenvinge: Our New PhD Fellow with a Passion for Polymers!

The journey of scientific discovery is an ever-evolving one, and today, we're excited to share the newest chapter in our group's story. We are honored to introduce a fresh face, a mind brimming with innovative ideas, and a passion for pioneering research: Axel Rosenvinge, our newest PhD fellow.

Axel joins us after an impressive stint at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he completed his Master's thesis. At MIT, he dove deep into the world of polymers, specifically focusing on expanding the family of polyester(ureas). These biodegradable polymers hold immense promise, especially in the realm of drug delivery and various biomedical applications.

With a solid foundation and a keen interest in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with polymers, Axel is poised to make significant contributions to our research endeavors. His expertise and fresh insights will undoubtedly drive our group's ambitions further, and we're thrilled to see where this collaboration takes us.

Please join us in giving Axel a hearty welcome! We can't wait to witness and share the strides he will make in the world of biodegradable polymers. Stay tuned for updates on his research and breakthroughs.

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