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14. november 2023

The Rethink Family

On November 13-14, we had this cool meetup with researchers from Aalborg University, TU Delft, and the University of Auckland. It was all about sharing what we've been up to for the past six months.

Different teams, different angles.

Each group brought something unique to the table. The Aalborg team showcased their advancements in HQ-MAGS and the innovative use of genes as a 'fingerprint.' The TU Delft folks shared their impressive experimental results, including extracting EPS through an alkaline process and conducting thorough FTIR characterization of EPS, and a new composite material. Meanwhile, the Auckland team showcased another innovative composite material, which ingeniously combines EPS with wool. This combination significantly enhances the fire-retardant properties of the composite, showcasing a practical application of their research.

We also demonstrated how EPS can improve the properties of a biofilm when combined with cellulose. Our presentation covered novel purification and extraction methods for Exopolysaccharides from biofilms and EPS. Furthermore, we delved into the development of techniques for extracting polysaccharides from sludge collected from different wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) around the world. It's fascinating how each group holds a piece of the puzzle, and together, we're assembling a complete picture.

More Than Just Research

But hey, it wasn't all science and graphs. Meeting with scientists from different corners of the world is always a blast. We got to learn a bit about each other's cultures, which is always fun. You know, different foods, different jokes, different ways of looking at things. It's these little things that spark new ideas and get us thinking out of the box.

Chats and Coffee Breaks

Some of the best ideas came from just chatting over coffee or lunch. It’s amazing how a casual chat can turn into a brainstorming session. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, so when we mix all that up, interesting things happen.

What’s Next?

Wrapping up, it was more than just another academic meet-up. It was about connecting, sharing, and inspiring each other. We’re already excited about what we’ll all bring to the table in the next six months. These meet-ups remind us why we got into science in the first place - for the love of discovery and the fun of working together. Can’t wait for the next one!

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