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Associate Professor 

Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Aarhus Universitet

Ole Worms Alle 3, Building 1171

Office 327

8000 Aarhus C

+45 41 89 33 10

About Thomas

Research Interest

My research primarily focuses on delving deep into the structure-function relationships inherent in microbial biointerfaces present within biofilms. These biofilms play a crucial role in numerous bioprocesses that hold significant value both industrially and environmentally.


By comprehensively understanding these relationships, we can pave the way for developing more accurate and effective strategies to control and manage biofilms and associated bioprocesses. Furthermore, this enriched understanding could provide the foundation for innovating new methodologies and techniques targeted towards efficient resource recovery. 


One notable application of such advancements could be in the realm of water reclamation bioprocesses, where these insights can lead to more sustainable and efficient systems.

Current Projects


Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox) biofilms
Extracellular DNA
Nanoplastics in the environment
Biofilm control in domestic appliances through new formulations
Improved biobutanol production titers through non-genetic means
Marine snow EPS: foundation polymer and changes with depth during settling
Next generation biofuels: improved butanol production titers by non-genetic means
Development of a bioelectrochemical VOC detector for detection of volatile organic compounds in sewer network
Adaptation of existing biological nutrient removal plants to achieve mainstream complete autotrophic nitrogen removal
Dean’s Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence

Graduate and Postdoctoral Supervision

Axel Rosenvinge

Ph.D. Fellow I Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr. Mojtaba Azari-Anpar

Postdoctoral I Aarhus University, Denmark


Ph.D. Fellow I Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr. Amrita Bhattacharya

Postdoctoral I Aarhus University, Denmark

Javier Gil

Ph.D. Fellow I Aarhus University, Denmark

Sudarsan Mugunthan

Ph.D. Fellow I SCELSE, NTU, Singapore

Wong Lan Li

Ph.D. Fellow I SCELSE, NTU, Singapore

Büşra Çiçekalan

Visiting Ph.D. I Istanbul Technical University, Turkey I ALUMNI

Oishi Sen

Ph.D. Fellow I SCELSE, NTU, Singapore I ALUMNI

Dr. Guo Jingjing

Postdoctoral I SCELSE, NTU, Singapore I ALUMNI

Dr. Ding Zhiji

Postdoctoral I SCELSE, NTU, Singapore I ALUMNI

Su Chuen Chew

Ph.D. Fellow I SCELSE, NTU, Singapore I ALUMNI

Our Mission

Our research group is steadfast in our mission to delve into the valorization of sludge, understanding it not just as waste, but as a reservoir of potential. We are dedicated to the complete characterization of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS), recognizing their untapped potential in advancing sustainable solutions.


By developing sustainable materials derived from EPS, we aim to pioneer innovations that can be seamlessly integrated into sectors like agriculture, packaging, and the creation of biodegradable materials. We're also charting the global fingerprint of EPS, further solidifying its significance in our studies. Fundamental to our mission is the emphasis on resource recovery, coupled with refining methodologies for the isolation and purification of EPS from both sludge and biofilm.

Our Vision

Our research group is deeply committed to the valorization of waste, viewing it as a pivotal step towards true sustainability. We believe in the principles of the circular economy, emphasizing the efficient use and reuse of resources. Green chemistry is integral to our approach, guiding us to innovate processes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable for the world's future.

Our Projects
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